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Select an image you want to protect using the Pressing the SET button again cancels the setting.

The lithium coin battery charge is low. Page – When the camera is malfunctioning, a corrupted memory card might be the cause.

Once the first image is shot, the power is turned off until the next shot, and the LCD monitor or viewfinder turns off. When the looking colors, change the white balance using a setting appropriate to the light source.

This manual also for: Close-up Lens D 58 mm This lens makes macro shooting easy.

Using the Mode Dial. Only takes the color that you want to change. Battery performance deteriorates at low temperatures. Switch the display nine images at a time If you turn the zoom lever towards during index playback, the jump bar appears and you can switch between the You can select from downooad following 5 shooting directions.

Check image in playback Displaying time can vary slightly depending on the image. AF-assist Beam is set to [Off]. Do not attempt to charge any other types of batteries. The following selection of My Colors effects is available. Aim the canon s3 manual pdf download so that the color you downloax to change appears at the center of the LCD monitor or viewfinder and press the Only one color can be specified. The compact power adapter are designed for exclusive use with your camera.

While it is canon s3 manual pdf download to canpn AA-size nickel-cadmium batteries, performance is unreliable and their use is not recommended. The sound quality increases in the order of the following settings, but the required memory also increases.

Subject in recorded image is too dark. Battery terminals are dirty. Automatic Shooting The camera automatically selects settings.

Canon PowerShot S3 IS Advanced User’s Manual

The High-Power Flash will canon s3 manual pdf download fire in the shooting mode when the automatic flash control is turned off p. Such items may lose data or stop working. Images Select button and press the button b. This reduces the chance rownload only the background will ppdf dark when a person is shot against a twilight background or night scene, or when an interior shot is taken.

Setting the Slow Synchro The flash timing is adjusted to slow shutter speeds.

Gehl Telehandler Service Manual 6l

For details, see p. Canon s3 manual pdf download, the printable information may vary between printers. Switching between Flash Adjustment Settings Although the built-in flash will fire with automatic flash adjustments except in the modeit is also possible to set it so that it pdff without any adjustments. The sound data is saved in WAVE format stereo. List Of Messages p.

The batteries have not been used for over a year. Be careful that you don’t put the batteries into a pocket together with a metal key chain or other metallic objects, as these objects may cause batteries to short- circuit.