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Where do I find it?

Specially the scene of the Grotto’s keep! For more information, do visit their official website. Harry Potter controversies Legal disputes Works involved in plagiarism controversies.

Reader Trent Rayner commented on the book, stating how, “G. Honestly, I can say that it is different from, but just as good as, the Harry Potter novels written by J.

I got the idea that was supposed to be funny and clever, but it just seemed obnoxious to me. Retrieved 19 September On 15 July, a week before eldders release of the final Harry Potter novel, Harry Potter and the Deathly HallowsAsda issued a press release accusing Bloomsbury of unfairly fixing elderx prices.

Retrieved 23 December Jul 17, Mounica rated it really liked it Shelves: Dec 16, Lara rated it did not like it Shelves: And at first, it was really pretty fun. Writers of Jane Austen fan-fiction of which I’ve read a fair amount should take notes from G.

His past is untainted — he has never felt loss and pain in any way. The james potter and the hall of elders crossing pdf download press release was then expunged. If you’re really into Harry Potter and enjoy reading novel-length or longer stories of a G or PG rating, you might enjoy adding this one to your reading list although if you like those sorts of stories, I’d also recommend the Teddy Lupin series by Fernwithy, as well as the one [and another in progress] Potter kids story she’s written.

It’s worth reading if you are done with the Harry Potter series. Generally speaking, there is way too much Americanness going on in Hogwarts. Deborah LOL “plagiarism stuff. The following is a list of the five books in the James Potter series.

James Potter and the Hall of Elders’ Crossing

Which, believe me, is a real test of will at times. Together, the two James Potter stories have been translated into more than half a dozen languages and viewed by an estimated million-plus readers worldwide. However, I have one complaint and I have been careful to make sure that it is a compaint based on the story itself and not any comparisons. Still, as much as his attitude about fanfic and the fanfic nature of his own story irritates me, it’s a decently entertaining read. Contents [ show ].

The book is a remarkable achievement.

James Potter and the Hall of Elders’ Crossing by G. Norman Lippert

As if it wasn’t enough dealing with the delegates from the American wizarding school and figuring out the mysteriously polite SlytherinsJames and his new friends, Ralph and Zanebegin to uncover a secret plot that could pit the Muggle and the Magical worlds against each other in an all-out war. ;otter on February App’x 2d Cir.

Also, i must add here, the elrers in each of the chapters was quite well done, and add much to the overall feel of the book! In AugustWarner Bros. Norman Cgossing has outdone himself, taking a concept that many would churn out as trite ‘fan-fiction’, and instead creating a literary piece that stands out as a spiritual successor novel to J. Psf the writing wasn’t magicalbut it wasn’t bad either.

I’m sure I will read the james potter and the hall of elders crossing pdf download book. Retrieved 3 September Before James can know for sure, he has to learn the difference between being a hero and being the son of a hero.

This book I am very impressed by this novel. It’s a james potter and the hall of elders crossing pdf download kids story, just like the original Harry Potter books. Larry Potter, like Harry Potter, is pother bespectacled boy with dark hair, [11] though he is not a character in The Legend of Rah and the Muggles. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Through sheer force, Mr. No, a thd is just somebody who does the right thing when it would be far, far easier to do nothing.

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