Call us at Don’t waste your time and money. Accessories For Orchestral Strings. I even upgraded my computer since I bought this and it makes no difference. CS Level software selectable Professional:

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I endured the noise during playback for another year or so.

E-MU PCI Digital Audio System B&H Photo Video

So once again I ignored the problem of clicking during playback until one day I couldn’t ignore it anymore. Digltal e-mu pci digital audio system point they admitted something. Displaying reviews Back to top. At that time, my emu was still under the 12 month warranty. Works very well with Sonar, no latency issues whatsoever, 0 latency to be exact.

Sounds as good as anything. Music Aduio For Children. Analog Line Outputs 2 Type: I dystem effects and music stems thru this phenonminal card. Naturally I wasn’t happy, but it seemed to perform like new. Just please, save your money. The sound is excellent with a transparent, effortless quality that makes for good reproduction of virtual instruments in my case, organ and piano.

Performs exactly as e-mu pci digital audio system says it does. I first noticed noise during playback after 10 months of owning the card with no problems.

E-MU 0404 PCIe

Tehnical spec rocks but on paper only! Then, just for fun, I emailed their customer service again.

They are built for recording, theyve got the fire wire ports built in and in my opinion the auduo software. Live e-mu pci digital audio system your acoustic, electronic and virtual instruments, as well as your digital audio recordings, together in a single interface with unparalleled ease of use.

They sent me a generic email that described how to troubleshoot the emu card.

Analog Line Outputs 6 Type: However, when I set it up I was extremely pleased. The PatchMix DSP mixer program that comes with it can be a little confusing and frustrating at first, but once you learn it, it is a very useful tool.

I followed a few of e-mu pci digital audio system examples, which didn’t work. But of course, now that the soundcard was no longer under warranty it was too late, but would I like to buy another one? Analog Line Inputs 4 Type: I am sure there are some people who have had a good experience with this product, but I am not one of them.

e-mu pci digital audio system

This is about the best card on the market for the price. I bought this because I only needed one input and it seemed like the best product for the price.

E-MU Systems – M PCIe – PCIe Digital Audio System

I would recommend the m to anyone looking for a solid sound card. The actual software that runs the card is unusual- it uses different patches and just takes a bit to get used to, so just a warning. Audil are very useable though I prefer my Presonus Eureka.

No pops or clicks e-mu pci digital audio system when recording several tracks on a built up session.

E-MU 1212M PCIe

Its sound is so detailed that it e-mu pci digital audio system mp3’s sound, well, flawed. The knobs on the break out box might be a little less sensitive then what I like, but it’s e-,u hard to work with.

Record musical ideas, combine or create new songs, and compose on the fly, and offers complete multitrack recording and editing for any acoustic source, hardware synthesizer or software instrument.