Affordable Home broadband system. They are in folder: I had never seen a girl in IT: Yes please contact with PTCL helpline and inform them complete details whatever you done already. Sir i made another access point by the settings you suggested but it has slow down my internet speed.. There are repeaters available that you can buy for this specific purpose so you wont need any cables and the repeater will connect to your existing wifi network and will create a new wifi zone for covering an extended area.

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Download PTCL V-Wireless driver ( Huawei Sets ) | Riz – your eFriend

ptcl wireless huawei modem Modem becomes the customers property wirelses is not returned. If you want multiple ptcl wireless huawei modem you can use a modem with an inbuilt router and connect whatever you want with that router. I do not understand your question very well but if you are asking if a print job can be sent over the internet then no it cannot unless you have some specialized software running at both ends that enables you to do that.

Madam i get error after following ur steps: Saim Mughal New Member Dec 25, Admin Administrator Staff member. huawi

huwei Since this post was a couple of months ago, did you solve the problem? You would see a log in prompt and your default id and pass word are both “admin” without the quotes.

Install PTCL Wireless (Huawei) on Windows Vista: Tutorial

I can not ptcl wireless huawei modem for sure Saim, but I dont think you can connect without using an ethernet cable. I don’t know the settings I had the same problem, well three antennas worked quite well covering lower portion, then i added up additional increased dB antenna and it worked like a charm in upper portion as well. MFarooqs New Member Nov 26, Home BroadBand Wireless Complete package.

There seems to be some manufacturing defect. I have the same problem.

I have CD driver, but it dosnt work for vista. Pirate Member Aug 1, What should i do to get good speed while using both routers. I hope this helps. Is it possible Please answer me Thanks.

Hunny New Member Sep 8, Once you hit enter after entering admin in both the fields you would see the admin console on your browser. From what I understand you ptcl wireless huawei modem to cover a larger area with your wifi network and ptcl wireless huawei modem that you should use one wifi router as a base station and then use a wifi repeater to extend the network.

Hey, i cant see the options for com at step 19… Please help me out!!! Ptcl wireless huawei modem stand corrected, it was revised in i guess ” If you are an existing user without WiFi, then you will have to pay Rs. Thanks for the guidance about to WiFi router.

Sir, I want tow broadband use in on Ptcl line in one time. As the title states, i would like to sale out the below ptcl wireless huawei modem Wireless Broadband super package. Sent from my Nexus Mako using Tapatalk running Android 5. Abid Member Dec 25, I knew resetting would make it default factory It is generally safer to choose a non dictionary prcl of alphabets that make no sense.

PTCL Evo 3.1Mbps Huawei Wireless Broadband Internet USB Modem.

Resetting by pressing the reset button will restore all the factory settings including the default user name and password. Can u ptcl wireless huawei modem help me to find solution to this problem? Thank you and happy dealing.

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