Apparently this is something new to the 16x discs and the old 8x discs didn’t do this.. It was the first direct to disc labeling technology that allowed users to laser etch images to the label side of a disc. Because LightScribe prints in concentric circles and can skip printing altogether in circular bands that don’t have any data on them, designs that concentrate the disc’s data in circular bands will print the fastest. This drawback makes the technology unsuitable for applications involving continuous handling, and for such popular uses as car music compilation discs, which typically have unavoidable high light and temperature exposure. Special printers can be pricey though the new ones that print right on the disc do a nice job and the require inks, and in some cases label stickers.. Writable Format s see all.

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The photos are of the actual item from several angles.

AudioLabel Cover Maker – Software for CD, DVD, LightScribe

The etched label will show no noticeable fading under exposure to indoor lighting lightscribe cd dvd at least two years. What you see is what you get! In addition to features like automatic playlist importing and one-click tracks layout, it’s got lots of goodies just for LightScribe users, like real-time preview in LightScribe disc colors and the ability to print to multiple LightScribe drives at the same time.

Archived from the lightscribe cd dvd on 27 August Views Read Edit View history. Although HP no longer is developing the technology it is still maintained and supported by a number of independent enthusiasts.

AudioLabel Cover Maker

I don’t know how bad the fading can get as the labels seem somewhat faded right out of the burner. My old burner would have dead discs all the time and was slow as hell by lightscribe cd dvd. The photos are of the Sample item from several angles.

It was the first direct to disc labeling technology that allowed users to laser etch images to the label side of a disc. For example on eBay. Lighhtscribe want to help as many lightscribe cd dvd as possible continue to use and enjoy LightScribe for years to come….

I don’t want to claim the label burning idea as my own, but I have to admit I had the same idea several times after many an hour of trying to get some form of “pretty” label into my CD’s without completely throwing them out of balance.

Beyond the initial one year parts and labor warranty Microboards offers an additional 1 and 2 years of depot warranty giving you up lightscribe cd dvd three years of protection. There are two options:. Retrieved 24 December The Lightscribe folks have even put together a software package that allows you to cobble together labels from preexisting templates, with lots and lots of other templates downloadable off their website.

That wouldn’t be too bad if it weren’t for the fact that complaint 2 the lightscribe cd dvd is extremely light or faded and hard to read.

These printers can print directly on the surface of the disc without using label paper or sticker labels. How does it work? Bundle Listing see all. So yay for lightscribe cd dvd. This has been replaced with the following message:.

CD/DVD Label Maker Screenshots

You May Also Like. That however is not the case with the LightScribe Labeling Software. This search was done today, 27th January Frankly the contrast ratio is extremely poor.

All in all Lightscribf happy with the purchase and would recommend the burner, but you have to understand that you will need to lightscribe cd dvd the label a couple times to get a good looking label with any contrast to it. Read track information directly off audio CDs. It is not possible to replace a LightScribe label with a new design as in erase the surface of the discbut it lightscfibe possible to add more content to a label that has already been burned.

Images with the largest diameters will take longest to burn. It merely allows you to put a line of text on the lightscribe cd dvd and bottom of the disc. Archived from the original on With this in mind I wish you great success with your LightScribe labeling.